Because I love puns here are some literal fabrications–constructions of fabric.    A quilt that I made for Merlin’s big kid bed (and Merlin’s room, which is boss). Also I just checked my own blog to see if I mentioned we moved into a new house and discovered A blog post from 363 days ago… Continue reading Fabrications

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Practice Quilts

I decided to start quilting because I wanted a quilt for our new king sized bed and all the ones I found online were either ugly, expensive or both. I knocked out a simple quilt for Merlin to learn the basics, then realized I needed a lot of practice to make a large quilt that… Continue reading Practice Quilts

Last Years Model

I am trying to thread a needle on these posts such that they aren’t “self-help/self-actualization” content but also aren’t “bragging for my grandma” content. Fun fact about my grandma Arlene. who died several years ago–she rode a horse to school.  The horse would walk itself back to the farm and she would ride the school… Continue reading Last Years Model

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Airhead Work

Here are 576 half-square triangles, each measuring 4.5″ per side. That’s 64 each of nine separate colors, all planned off of a 70s-sunset-airbrushed-on-the-side-of-a-van color palette. Each pile started as 8 pairs of 10″ squares (cut from bolts of cloth), stitched twice crosswise: Those squares were then cut into 8 triangles: Which were then butterflied and… Continue reading Airhead Work

My First Quilt

I got into quilting because we finally had enough money to buy a real bed and high-quality mattress, which ended up being larger than the one we had used for years.  We splurged on nice sheets but when we got to blankets we were unimpressed–they were all ugly, expensive or both. So I decided to… Continue reading My First Quilt

Crazy Quilt

This is my 8th quilt.  It started as a backing for the quilt I made for Merlin, but it was too cool to use as a quilt backing and it seemed like it had some California vibes, specifically it seemed like it should go to our toddler friend Julia.   The concept started with the… Continue reading Crazy Quilt

The Epistolary Moment

Two anecdotes about receiving mail, followed by a probably clumsy cultural analysis: There’s a photo of Merlin at the end, too.   Item one: Once each September I send an email to one of my oldest friends, whom I haven’t seen in 15-ish years, as a sort of birthday gift.   Because my birthday is… Continue reading The Epistolary Moment

The Enemy of Done

I’m not sure if anyone actually wants to read about quilts so I tried to have some Ideas about it. There’s also photos of Merlin involved. The old saw you use on someone when you want them to hurry up, “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good” has a lesser known corollary.   Don’t… Continue reading The Enemy of Done

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Orphaned Objects

Despite acquiring the bulk of my wardrobe from thrift stores for most of my life I have an emotional allergy to the retail experience presented at thrift stores. I have to wash clothes from the thrift store twice, usually, because the smell of the industrial detergent they use will occasionally trigger migraines. . This phenomenon… Continue reading Orphaned Objects

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