Uncanny Spaces

I started writing a thing about the value of uncanny spaces (and how many there are in Saint Louis) but instead here’s a visual process of a quilt I made about one such uncanny space (our weird-ass house), which I think conveys the same point in much less time.


The idea for this quilt appeared while I was meditating in October (ish) of 2022 and I finished it in May, right before it needed to go on our guest bed for friends visiting from New York.  I think I finished 4 or 5 baby quilts while working on this one.


I told Kristina I wanted to make a haunted house themed quilt for our guest bed that had vintage horror paperback cover/movie poster vibes and she said “absolutely not”, then I showed her the sketch and she said “oh no I love that, cool”  so I need to get better at describing my ideas with words.


There’s probably a better way to display the above information, but I find myself writing these very briefly in my free time, so web 1.0 it is.


This was super fun to work on, if I were to do it again I would not use gabardine on the trees (it warps greatly and I need to hand sew some areas where it has pulled loose) and I would do the trees as applique rather than as an integral part of the quilt–some of the tree branches were trial and error nightmares.

Thank you for patiently sitting through my show-and-tell, I hope you have a wonderful and imaginative day!